A Message from FindCovidTests.com

FindCovidTests.com was originally created by a group of high school students during the early stages of the pandemic (from March to July). During early spring, COVID-19 information was too scattered and it was simply too difficult to find test site information. We created this site by aggregating test site information so that people could find this critical information no matter where they lived in the country.

However, as the Department of Health and Human Services and companies like Google have begun aggregating this information, this site became redundant. We will continue to provide updated information about ways to obtain COVID-19 testing information below.

We thank the community for their support during this trying time.

FindCovidTests.com Team

Information about Obtaining COVID-19 Testing

Updated March 2021

We encourage you to take a self-assessment of your symptoms before reaching out to test sites.
The Center for Disease Control has a Self-Checker, available at this link.

Some sites may require a doctor's order to obtain a COVID-19 test. Please also heed the guidance of your local health authorities.
You can obtain information about test site locations and contact information through the following methods:

You can also check directly with organizations that provide COVID-19 testing: